Autism Trainer Joins the Ranks

Orangebox are very pleased to announce a new partnership with I am her voice – Our Autism Journey trainer Alison Wombwell from #ChasingRainbows offering bespoke Autism training to schools, authorities, health and of course corporate clients.

Alison is an autistic woman who works with adults and children. Her aim is to provide additional support sessions and training to families and professionals to help them on their journey. Alison has two daughters both with a diagnosis of autism and other complex needs.

She is a vastly experienced Autism trainer who is very sought after. If you would like to book a Training Needs Analysis to determine your bepsoke course or just simply choose from one below:

Introductory courses:
?Autism Awareness
?Girls with Autism
?Explaining the Senses – Learning to Live with Sensory Issues
?ADHD – The Misunderstood Condition
?Autism in the Early Years
?Autism in Adolescents and Puberty
?Autism, Eating Disorder and Mental Health
?How to Make Your Workplace an Inclusive Environment
? more to follow…

To book please contact:

☎️01429 874530

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