Autism Awareness Week

Orangebox Training Solutions Limited are highlighting #AustismAwarenessWeek with very aspects of #autism. As a parent with a autistic child who is non-verbal I thought this would be good to #highlight.

‘Some autistic children are delayed in their use of language, and some autistic adults don’t use speech. In those cases, other methods of communication need to be established.
An autistic person may appear not to hear what you say to them, not respond to their name, or appear indifferent to any attempts you make to communicate.
They may use some of the following to communicate with you:

gestures, crying, taking your hand to the object they want , looking at the object they want , reaching, using pictures, distressed behaviour, echolalia (the repetition of other people’s words). ‘

Please bare this in mind when you are out and about witnessing a child have a meltdown of struggling to communicate.
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