Are you a School looking for good training that doesn’t cost the earth?

Are you a School looking for good training that doesn’t cost the earth?

We have delivered training to private childcare, nursery, and primary schools sector for many years allowing us to offer a fantastic package of training that we can offer to yourselves and your staff.

  • Paediatric First Aid (level3) – x2 days
  • Basic Life Support – 3hr awareness
  • First Aid at Work (level3) – x3 days
  • First Aid at Work Refresher (level3) – x2 days
  • Emergency First Aid – x1 day
  • Safeguarding and Prevent (in-house or Level 2 distant learning) x1 day
  • Safeguarding and Prevent – 3hr awareness
  • Fire Safety/Marshall (level2) – x1 day
  • Fire Safety – 3hr awareness
  • Food Hygiene (level2) x1 day
  • Health and Safety (level2) x1 day
  • Manual Handling (level2) x1 day
  • Safe Handling of Medication – x1 day
  • TeamTeach – x1 day
  • Effective Communication for teachers/ta’s – x1 day
  • Forest School Introduction (level 1) x3 days
  • Forest School Assistant (level 2) x6 days
  • Forest School Leader (level3) x15 days
  • Education and Training (level3) – x5 days
  • Assessors Award (level3) – x5 days
  • Observe, shoot and edit on your iPad – x0.5 days
  • Get creative with your iPad – x0.5 days
  • Using MS Word to Document Learning – x0.5 days
  • 36 Fully Funded level 2 Distant Learning courses

We have open courses to book on to throughout the whole year and can also come to your setting to deliver to a group.  We can accommodate x12 per course that are accredited and x15-20 for awareness and non-accreditated courses.  We are very flexible and know the time constraints of school life, therefore we can offer, weekend, evening, twilights etc to accommodate your school setting timetable and routine.

Our distant learning courses are completely free, funded by the adult education budget and accessible for working and unemployed people.  We only ask that each learner is 19+, lived in the EU for 3 years.  You can access these courses as individuals or in groups (min of 8) which will include a group induction on to the courses.

We would love to have a chat with you to discuss any of your training needs, we are passionate to only deliver memorable and enjoyable training.

Contact Glen on 01429 874530 or

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