An Introduction to Forest Schools

Forest School Overview
with Activities – 6 hour [School PD day]
Classroom and Outdoor based


Course Content

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Our Experience
  • Attendee Introduction [What is Forest school/outdoor learning experience do you have?]
  • What is Forest Schools?
  • History
  • Woodland Ecology


Exercise: Share a Memory [outdoor play memory – where were you, who were you with and what did it feel like?]

Take 10 min to discuss with the person you are seated next to and write a few words relating to the question.  Each Leaner will stand up and tell the group their story.

  • Aims of Forest School
  • Principles of Forest School
  • Role of the Adult
  • Area of Exploration



Group Exercise: Having listened to the aim’s, principles and area of exploration.  Take 20mins in groups of 3, discuss with your colleagues a forest school activity and each group will report it back.


  • Sample range of activities.
  • Looking at your Forest School Area

Group Exercise: Take 20mins and in the same groups and using a print out of your current site, name each area seen, plus any areas you would/might like to see.


  • Creating Fire
  • Creating a Den
  • Tools
  • Clothing
  • Risk Assessments – Importance
  • Sample Risk Assessment
  • Impact of Forest Schools



Outdoor Activities: Carousel of Forest School activities – split in to 3 groups

  • Demo
  • Activity 1: Create a fire using fire steels and tinder and or using a Kelly Kettle
  • Activity 2: Den building – tarp and rope or using natural materials
  • Activity 3: Creating an Object – using tools
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