A Glowing Report…

Off the back of being #headhunted to deliver our very successful First Aid at Work courses, I thought it would be useful to share feedback from the said course with TMD Friction.

Sample Feedback for Andy Fordham – FAW

?Best course I’ve every done for information. Andy is the perfect person and personality to teach.
?Thorough enjoyed the course. Very informative. Andy is a brilliant tutor, he was really good at keeping everybody involved and engaged in the activities.
?Andy was great, he used techniques that everyone understood to help with the learning.
?Very fun, relaxed and enjoying. Andy constantly assesses learning throughout the course and works to build confidence and knowledge. 5 star trainer.
?Andy was a great trainer, he made the lessons enjoyable as well as teaching with a good attitude.

Course content:

?How well did it meet your objectives – I was very surprised of how well I enjoyed this course. The course was fun and relaxed, Andy has a great deal of knowledge towards first aid, overall a great course.  
?Very informative, lots of different activities helps you to remember.
?Very energetic, fun but got all important point across to everyone.
?Feedback was fair and any misunderstandings were corrected.
?Covered a variety of first aid topics in a short time. Andy had researched the company before delivering the course.


?Andy was fantastic and motivating and got the full team engaged.  
?Andy gave us a chance to retry anything we were struggling with whilst talking us through it.
?Very confident and open and made the course easier.
?Course was very well planned out to be able to take information in.

Overall evaluation:

?I learnt a lot more than I was expecting.
?Ice breakers were great and really helped me feel more confident and comfortable.

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